The Anemone Ring
The Anemone Ring
The Anemone Ring
The Anemone Ring
The Anemone Ring

The Anemone Ring

The Anemone Ring

Regular price AED 35,000.00
The Sea Anemone is a magnificent sculptural masterpiece—a statement ring glistening with diamonds and aquamarine droplets nestled within a meticulously hand-carved coral bed. The anemone's arms, fashioned from natural baroque pearls of unparalleled luster and gold, seem to sway gently in harmony with the ebb and flow of water. With every intricate detail meticulously sculpted in radiant 18k yellow gold, this captivating creation is a breathtaking testament to bold artistry.

Rose Gold: 52.35 grams
Diamonds: 0.26 ct
Aquamarine: 0.26 ct
Pearls: 91.55 ct

A Day by the Sea

I stood on the horizon of what would be
The sun had summoned its blood
Back to where it melted into the deep
A quest for a brave adventurer
A wonderland of what lay beneath the waves
Magical starfish waiting for a wish
Wondrous seashells that found their new home in a pink plastic pale
Little footprints disappear into the soft, wet sand
A God presiding over rock pools teaming with life
And a sea anemone swaying patiently in welcome
We were creatures of legend. She and I
Standing sentinel at the dawn of time
Arms extended to embrace the new day