The Secret Garden

/ Collection

You are my garden of secrets
My oasis of dreams
Where I plant my jewels
Water them with hope
I nurture you with words of love
Bathe you in the colors of creation
Shape you with wisdom of the ages
Give shelter as you bloom and thrive
My beautiful sapling my greatest treasure
With the heart of a warrior and the soul of a poet
Who will flourish and grow into a great tree
One day in turn you will bestrew your seeds
And my magic garden will live on forever
For my Pasha


I'm in love with my stunning 'The bee necklace' from Beenish. The necklace is truly one of a kind - the craftsmanship is intricate and detailed. It looks as if my bee is about is take flight! I have received countless compliments on this stunning piece - a perfect statement to wear for a special occasion or to add a touch of elegance to any outfit!

Mahine Rizvi Ahmad

This ethereal butterfly is my first Beenish Mahmood piece. The details and intricacies are truly stunning. Beenish articulates and sketches according to ones personality adding her unique style. What you get is a breath taking piece of art. I wear is casually and formally.

Sadia K Butt