The Butterfly Ring
The Butterfly Ring
The Butterfly Ring
The Butterfly Ring

The Butterfly Ring

The Butterfly Ring

Regular price AED 15,000.00

Beautifully created in 18K Rose Gold, an exquisite Butterfly perches on the finger in delicate grandeur. Bejeweled Pink Sapphire wings surround a unique Rutilated Amethyst cabochon gemstone. A statement piece that carries you away on flights of fancy.

Magical, transcendent, a butterfly embodies the spirit of metamorphosis and change. Deceptively fragile, she is a testament to beauty rooted in strength. As is her ability to endure through adversity and find her wings.

Gold: 11.50 grams
Sapphire: 3.53 ct
Amethyst Rutile: 1.77 ct

Song of The Butterflies

Sing to me a lullaby

Hush, my baby, don’t you cry

Remember me in gentle ways

Like monsoon rain on endless days

Spin me dreams too sweet to hold

Candy clouds, castles gold

A thousand promises, the laughter of a child

Who danced with waves to the song of the tide

Sing to me a lullaby

Of sun-warmed nights and silken skies

Salted truths, fairy lights

When we lived amongst the butterflies

Tell me tales of Queens and Kings

Of God and love and broken things

Sing me a song of summer to keep

One last time before I sleep