The Labyrinth Ring
The Labyrinth Ring
The Labyrinth Ring
The Labyrinth Ring

The Labyrinth Ring

The Labyrinth Ring

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In the depths of her mesmerizing eyes, lies a world intricate like a labyrinth. Her tears, Opal cabochons, glisten with tales of joy and sorrow. Amidst turbulent seas, she stands unwavering, embodied by Sapphires, Aquamarine, and Diamonds. A complex and enigmatic presence, she embodies both fragility and resilience akin to Mother of Pearl, nurturing the gift of life. Her love, her life's blood, courses through Rubies. Malachite, with its profound hues and delicate nature, mirrors her strength amidst vulnerability to the world around her.

Gold weight: 18.20 grams
Sapphire and Aquamarine: 1.61 ct
Diamond: 0.86 ct
Opal: 1.29 ct
Ruby: 0.34 ct

Pieces of Us

I want to roam the labyrinth of your pieces
Wounded on the jagged corners of your mind
Solve the riddles of your words
Scale the fortress of your thoughts
What do the stars sing to you?
Do they whisper secrets of the heavens
Do you dream of faraway worlds you’ll never see?
Yearn for lives you’ll never live?
Whom do you pray to at dusk when the sun bathes your world in fire?
Does your breath catch on the notes of a song time forgot?
Where do you hide when fear grinds your bones to dust?
Like feral things and remembrances
I was always here
Unnoticed, wandering your crimson fields
I dreamed I belonged to you
Belonged to our story carved into my skin
To every pulse of blood in your veins
To each breath that sears you from within
And I dreamed you belonged to me