The Parrot Necklace
The Parrot Necklace

The Parrot Necklace

The Parrot Necklace

Regular price AED 24,300.00
Surrounded by a halo of diamonds, an exquisite parrot fashioned from yellow gold and a beautiful briolette citrine gemstone. The head, neck, wings, and tail feathers glimmer with white diamonds, while the crown of the head is enhanced with dazzling yellow diamonds. Its eyes gleam with captivating emerald cabachons, and the beak is intricately detailed in black gold.

Gold weight: 14 grams
Total Diamonds: 2.06 ct
White Diamond: 1.83 ct
Yellow Diamond: 0.23 ct
Emerald and yellow Topaz: 0.35 ct
Citrine: 21 ct

Little Friend

Inside of a broken light on my porch

A little parrot nests

And many a time I’ve almost thought

To fix it like all the rest

I would see her flutter to and fro

Bits of dried grass in her beak

Slowly I watched as she built her home

Arduously feather and tweak

Early dawn, little hatchlings came

A brand new mess on the ground

Delightful little droppings, a dead worm or two

And an annoying cacophony of sound

New life at it’s loud and messy best

Splendorous yet colored with fear

One day they will fly away I know

Tiny wings and nary a tear

I wonder if she’ll still trill and sing

Or join me for tea and a good cry

How wondrous a world, to have place in any case

For my feathered little friend and I