The Bee Necklace
The Bee Necklace

The Bee Necklace

The Bee Necklace

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An intricate work of art, The Bee Necklace is crafted entirely in 18k Yellow Gold. The body of The Bee is imagined in a natural saltwater Baroque Pearl with finely detailed gold and Yellow Sapphire wings. She has a hand-cut Tiger Eye gemstone head while delicate sapphire studded chains softly kiss the skin in marquis-cut tourmaline drops.

When I dreamt of The Bee, I saw her in flight. Floating on air yet grounded in purpose. Undaunted by the odds, from within herself, she creates her castle. And all that is required to nourish it. A warrior who will perish, protecting what she loves and holds dear. Because, above all else, she is a nurturer. A bringer of life.

Gold: 17.5 grams
Tiger Eye: 0.55 ct
Tourmaline: 2.90 ct
Sapphire: 1.50 ct
Pearl: 15.50 mm


Once when I was beautiful

An age ago today

A Zephyr soared on pretty wings

And flew me far away

Over mountains, forests, raging seas

All the worlds it sought to roam

I wrested tiny grains of time

And carved for us a home

A drop of blood, a pinch of pain

All the laughter I could find

Some tales of love, some loves I lost

Some I chose to leave behind