The Dragonfly Ring
The Dragonfly Ring
The Dragonfly Ring

The Dragonfly Ring

The Dragonfly Ring

Regular price AED 10,800.00

Finely textured 18K Rose Gold, hand carved with exquisite botanical detail. The stunning Dragonfly Ring is studded with Diamonds and Rubies, perched upon a world encapsulated within Rutilated Quartz.

Ethereal, mysterious, ephemeral. The Dragonfly is a thing of dreams yet is a symbol of Self that goes beyond self-created illusions. Throughout history, it has been an image of growth and change. But she is also fierce. An agile huntress who is tireless in the pursuit of her goals. This dichotomy has always fascinated me. Yes, we grow. Yes, we evolve. But we also hunt. And we always fly.

Gold: 11.50 grams
Diamonds: 0.39 ct
Rubies: 0.43 ct
Rutilated Quartz: 50 ct

Anatomy of Dreams

Let’s bathe in waterfalls

And fly away on giant swans

Roost atop paper mache castles

Perch upon thirst and hunger

Surrounded by vistas of scorched earth and madness

Let’s learn to walk on stilts

Teeter on tightropes toward one another

Pull stars from the sky, crush them into sugar

Eat the moon in a sandwich

Steal gold from the sun

We’ll throw tears at the wind

And laugh at all the tomorrows to come.