A Dark Fairytale
A Dark Fairytale

A Dark Fairytale

A Dark Fairytale

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Step into the enchantment of a dark fairy tale, where a dainty rose gold butterfly dances gracefully amidst the serene forest of a picturesque dendritic agate cabochon. This unique gem, a true marvel crafted by Mother Nature, reveals intricate dendritic inclusions that bloom into mesmerizing landscape-like designs deep within its depths, showcasing the mesmerizing magic that lies within the natural realm.

Rose Gold: 14.346 grams
Sapphire: 0.02 ct
Scenic Dendrite Agate: 21 ct

A Dark Fairytale

I will write a book of poems I mused

And set the world aflame

Of a hundred truths and formless thoughts

That choke me from within

To try and paint these shapes in words

To dream in ink and pen

A mind overflows with what remains unheard

With the unfinished tales it contains

All that I want and that which I need

A limitless array of desires

Angels fear the eyries of my dreams

There be dragons here in my fires

The deep is where the monsters lurk

Stay shallow where light can reach

Things shrouded in the dark too wicked to spark

Some depths better not to breach