The Celestial Dance
The Celestial Dance

The Celestial Dance

The Celestial Dance

Regular price AED 16,500.00
Within textured yellow gold swirls, radiant diamonds, rubies, and sapphires twirl around a captivating Mabè Pearl in a timeless dance. Bold and breathtaking, these earrings stand as a testament to flawless artistry.

18K Yellow Gold
Total: 13.00 gram
Diamond : 0.15 ct
Sapphire and Ruby: 0.30 ct
Blue Mabè Pearl: 15mm

After the Fall

I awake parched, to a vast silent stillness 
On bated breath as if an unfinished thought 
A crippling dread of freedom promised
Barren is the black; a word made flesh
This is where he lives. I wonder
Unraveller of dreams weaver of souls
I could stay lost here forever. I wander 
Content in this empty place 
Cocooned in heat that thieve's my breath
Leaden as ink that steals all sight
And inside this perfect blindness, I see limitless constellations of stars 
Legions of answers to all the mysteries beyond  
Circles within spirals, worlds within worlds
Yet I choose to kneel upon the nothing that I created
Where prayers echo loudest in the darkness 
And shine brighter for the absence of light