Fairy Earrings
Fairy Earrings

Fairy Earrings

Fairy Earrings

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An ode to innocence and the age of fairies. Where precious moments were caught in silken webs, and all dreams came true. Iridescent Mother of Pearl cradled in fine Rose Gold webbing. These beautiful fairy wings shimmer with sparkling diamond details and solitaire white sapphire.

Rose Gold: 9.11 grams
Diamonds: 0.12 ct
Sapphire: 0.86

The Fairy Jar 

The wheel it turns

The world it burns

What remains is ash and ember

I left you in those spaces

Where I thought you would have waited

Amongst all that I’d known and remember

Sweetly like a mother’s kiss

Like a dream that’s lost once stolen

You can’t catch a shooting star

Or a fairy in a jar

Or mend a precious thing once it’s broken