The Farasha Bracelet

The Farasha Bracelet

The Farasha Bracelet

Regular price AED 4,100.00
A striking and vividly colored butterfly rests softly on the wrist. The beautiful, Rose gold wings are inlaid with natural, custom cut Malachite and Garnet, detailed with bezel-set white and black diamonds.

Gold: 5.33 grams
White Diamonds: 0.05 ct
Black diamonds: 0.04 ct
Garnet and Malachite: 3.37 ct


I rode along a desert road

In a haze of wind and heat

Unchanged unknown no end in sight

No rest for restless feet

I spun a thread, so light and true

And tied a hundred knots

Threw one to the wolves sold two to the tides

Left the rest to unravel and rot

I’ll meet you where the sun sets gold

And the seas are drenched in flame

Where the sands bleed red before they drown

In love and pink champagne

City bright and candlelight

Between truth and make believe

We’ll live and dance on gilded shores

Within the webs that we shall weave